TS-Optics ATC Wedge purchased from Germany. The dishonesty of German astronomical shop Teleskop Service.

  Today's topic will report on the sloppiness and dishonest correspondence of the astronomical shop named Teleskop Service in Germany. Speaking of Germany, I remember the scrupulousness and strict temperament, but the microtip platform purchased from Teleskop was a defective item with a defect that seems to be a crime. In order to call attention to everyone, I would like to dare write it on my blog.

  The fine motion platform dedicated to SkyMemo S will cause fluctuations in the vertical direction due to its structural limitations.

SkyMemo S placed on the exclusive microtip platform 【 Click on the picture to enlarge 】

  I was looking for a microtip platform with no such fluctuations. The next two heads were raised as candidates.

  1. Sirui Pro 2 way tripod head L-20S
  2. TS-Optics ATC Wedge

         Sirui Pro 2 way platform L-20S (from catalog)

           TS-Optics ATC Wedge (from the catalog)

  Sirui's micromotion platform was excluded from the candidates because the top and bottom fine motion mechanism is similar to the small motion head for SkyMemo S. On the other hand, ATC Wedge has a structure that supports up and down fine movements with screw rods and is expected to eliminate vertical fluctuations, so I ordered it. The product arrived in German astronomical shop Teleskop Service in about two weeks. The inside of the box is the picture below.

           Contents of TS-Oprics ATC Wedge

  The attached screws are two hexagon socket cap screws and a longer worm screw.   I attempted to assemble the ATC wedge, but I can not do it. Two fatal problems. There was one functional problem.

  1. The included hexagon socket cap screw does not pass through the hole on the top of the wedge.
  2. The included hexagon socket cap screw is not a 3/8 inch camera screw.
  3. Adjustment screw for vertical vertical movement is loose and loose.

  I mailed these three problems to Teleskop Service, our supplier. Then, "If you have any complaints please send back the item with a letter of remodeling point". There was nothing to apologize for, and the reply of sudden high-ranking vehicle came back. It goes without saying that it got hot.

  The hole in the upper part of the wedge is just a fool hole that passes the hexagon socket screw to screw it with the pot red or the warp and weft board mounted on it. Even so, the hexagon socket screw does not pass. It is obviously a cutting defective item.

The hexagon socket screw does not pass through the hole at the top of the wedge

The 3/8-inch camera screw does not pass through the wedge upper hole

  The included hexagon socket screw is for attaching a pot red or a warp and wearer to be mounted on the wedge and it must be 3/8 inch camera screw. However, this screw will not enter the 3/8-inch camera screw hole on the bottom of the wedge.

The included hexagon socket screw will not fit in the 3/8-inch screw hole on the bottom of the wedge

  Naturally, the 3/8-inch camera screw enters the threaded hole in the bottom of the wedge. The screw hole at the bottom of the wedge is designed to fit the 3/8-inch screw of the tripod.

The 3/8-inch camera screw enters the screw hole at the bottom of the wedge

  I sent these pictures to Teleskop Service in Germany, but I have no comments on this fact. Obviously, I do not want to mention the advantageous evidence here.

  The third problem is a red-colored screw that catches the vertical load. This is a screw of the M8 standard, but it is loose even if screws are pushed in. I checked it at the screw department of the home center, but it turned out that the screw was quite loose. I decided to close my eyes on this problem.

  The first problem was to scrape the hole in the upper part of the wedge with an electric drill and make it big. It happened to be easy as it happened to have parts, but it is extremely difficult for people without parts.

  The second problem was solved by purchasing a 3/8 "-16 X 1" 1/4 UNC thread, with a hot stove. It proved that the screws sent by German astronomical shops are not 3/8-inch camera screws. It is not clear what kind of standard the screws sent are, but it may be a millimeter thread or UNF thread. Teleskop Service Inc. will not accept it anyway.

  It was an image that German country is strict and tough, but as it seems that there are many exchanges with China at the moment, Volkswagen's fuel economy fraud and Germany's diesel car fraud, the country is also changing considerably I can tell you. The sneaky cutting of this wedge product and standard management of loose accessories etc are inferior to the current Chinese manufacturing industry. It seems that Germany, that is, it is not a good technical country. Until now, I have purchased direct from the United Kingdom, the United States, China, but this kind of trouble this time is my first experience. "Degraded Germany", please be aware of everyone!

  I had trouble with the German astronomy shop, but I tried assembling SkyMemo S using ATC wedge.

           SkyMemo S on ATC wedge

  Vertical shaking seems to have been resolved considerably. It seems that somehow the original purpose has been achieved. The AZ-GTi mount is not yet available. There will be a relocation of Schmidt Japanese astronomy store, so it will be very busy.





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